Speak, Connect & Communicate 
with Confidence 
Imagine "Living BIG" - Not just Dreaming Big!
Terri M Gilbert 

Learn How to 
Become a More Confident Communicator,
even if you have Anxiety!
Watch this short video and see what's inside for you
What you will get in this offer
Living life from your SWEET SPOT!
Hi, I am so excited, you are about to move into your "sweet spot"! 
In these classes you will get the secrets of becoming a better communicator that can connect you to your audience of 1 or 500. 
Everyone Communicates - Few Connect. Why not you? Why not be the one living the good life?
The cool thing is, you can work at your own pace. I recommend no more than one class a week so you can practice the skills that you learn before moving to the next Session. 

Repetition creates habit.  

I have gleaned from many masters and sources and compiled some of the best, up to date, skills for speaking, connecting and communicating. These skills will give you the edge to dominate in your area of influence - personally and professionally.

Get excited! These are "skills". What does that mean for you? They can be learned! You can do this! 
Inside the membership you will find videos and worksheets that will help you learn and apply these skills. It's in the application that transformation occurs!
In this Signature Series, You will Learn How To: 

  • Unleash Your Hidden Treasure - inside of you and live life from your "sweet spot". Session 1 will help you locate your gifts, talents and passion so you can fulfill your purpose & assignment.
  • Unleash the Best You Learn the secrets about knowing your audience and thy self. Session 2 will focus on your audience and how to introduce yourself, so they will want to know more. Imagine getting clear on your elevator speech & on your what and WHY.
  • Unleash the Power of Connection - Discover applicable ways to hook your audience; including the best scientifically proven way.  Session 3 will teach you how to become magnetizing and Live Life BIG!
  • Unleash Your Message - Gain access to a simple templet on: How to write a presentation or speech. Session 4 focuses also, on all the secrets that make your presentation successful; Like: Making it "tweetable" & why, knowing the best length of time for presenting and more.
  • Unleash Your Confidence - You will learn simple tools on how to overcome anxiety and become more CONFIDENT. Session 5 will show you applicable ways to decrease anxiety, according to the latest Scientific studies.
 Confident people make more money and lead richer lives. Asian Entrepreneur Magazine   

(This class retails for 997.00)  ONLY for a short introductory time, 
I am offering the class to you for $ 497.00.   
(Or three payments of $175 each)

Along with this Signature Series, for FREE, you will also get:  
BONUS: ($98.00 value)  
FREE access for 8 weeks to my one hour, weekly Power-Up call, where I coach the first 20 minutes and then have 40 minutes of Q&A to assure you don't get stuck with questions. 
My goal is to help you move forward and LIVE BIG- Not just dream big! This call is where you can get the additional coaching around the hurdles that are popping up for you. We'll make sure you are getting the support you need.     

I am excited about coaching you forward into the dreams and vision God has for your life!

Blessings! Terri M Gilbert
I'll see you inside.      

PLUS- I am offering you my 30 day - 100% satisfaction Guarantee.  Get started now and if you are not satisfied, I will refund your money within 30 days. This is how much I believe these skills will increase your life.  I am looking forward to seeing you on the calls!   If not now, WHEN?

Copyright 2017 - Terri M Gilbert
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